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Death du Jour



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I don’t know how Dr. Temperance Brennan does it! She has so much on her ‘To Do’ list I felt like making a diagram as I read this interesting mystery. On top of dealing with her daughter Katy, who has an active life as a college student, and her high velocity sister Harriet ‘Harry’ Lamour, who has had a life as full of adventure and variety as four ex-husbands and her own creativity can provide her with, ‘Tempe’ has the professional credentials and energy to work for two employers: as Forensic Anthropologist for the Province of Quebec, Canada; and in Charlotte, North Carolina as a college professor of anthropology. Both jobs require a lot of hours from her, but she is quite the workaholic and fortunately finds herself frequently fascinated by her work. (I am fascinated by her work as well!)Tempe is dealing with dead bodies constantly throughout her life and often they are linked to a police case. She is either supervising and digging up long ago buried dead bodies, not always murder victims, or fresh murder victims, or she is performing forensic lab tests and measurements on scientifically prepared bodies ready for examination by eye, microscope and other scientific instruments. The things she is able to discern through scientific examination of the bodies, the surrounding dirt the bodies are buried in, the insects, plant life and minerals which often have left chemical signatures and indications of the length of time which has passed for a body that has died, is amazing. If, like me, the science of death is so interesting that the ick factor of rot recedes into nothing, then this series will not bother the curious reader at all. However, if vivid and exact physical descriptions of dead flesh and body parts overwhelm any interest in learning something about forensics and death, I recommend not trying these novels. Kathy Reichs does not pull any punches about the fictional victims either, including police cases in her stories that are about babies and young children who have been murdered. While these books are fiction, they are based on Dr. Kathy Reichs’ real life and work.All of Brennan’s life becomes drawn into a single case about a cult-like organization - both of her jobs, her family, her friends and her homes. She soon finds herself under steadily increasing personal danger as she uncovers links between bodies discovered in Quebec and Beaufort, South Carolina, where she and her daughter Katy go on vacation. But, she also finds herself unexpectedly becoming more attracted to the handsome Andrew Ryan, the Montreal detective who is trying to learn why a family was slaughtered with particular viciousness. Beginning a romance is not something Brennan wants, but she is finding it difficult to not think about him. Fortunately, Harry disappears without a trace, reducing her susceptibility to the detectiive’s charms in her growing fright and worry - at least until the next book in the series, maybe….. (view spoiler)[I think this convoluted story was a bit too obviously contrived, especially when her sister Harry ‘independently’ becomes involved in the case from Texas and ends up in danger, which all was more coincidental than I could accept. It felt as if complications were piled on and shoehorned into the plot for the purpose of increasing page count, so I was not quite as much of an admirer of this book as I was for the first one in the Brennan series. (hide spoiler)]

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