Dead By Dusk

Book online Dead By Dusk by Shannon Drake

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Dead By Dusk (Vampire, #6)



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4 stars


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for American Stephanie Cahill, Bella Vista is a new beginning - to get over her break up from the love of her life. the forst thing thay goes not as plan. First after departing from the plane she relize her ride is a no show. 2nd the actors from they hire for the resort are not there for their meeting. when the actors shows up the next day one is midding. then the dreams start. on top of alk that, a body of a misding local girl is discovered at the site of an archaeological dig, now Stephanie fe

Comment 2:

In this paranormal romance, American Stephanie Cahill moves to a small village near Naples, Italy to start a new life after breaking up with her longtime love, Grant Peterson. In the past few months, Grant's personality had started to change, and as much as Stephanie still loves him, she needs some time on her own. Imagine Stephanie's surprise when not long after arriving in Naples, she runs into Grant, who's working at an archeological dig site, claiming he had no idea she was also going to be

Comment 3:

Once lovers, the hero and heroine parted ways when the hero began to have changes in his personality and even calls out another woman's name in bed. Now, the heroine takes a position as director to an improve group in Italy hoping for a fresh start. Imagine her surprise when her ex boyfriend, whom she's never stopped loving or even thinking about, shows up at her hotel. He actually had the same plan she had, to escape for a time to Italy in a archeology dig site to put some distance between him

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