Crystal Gardens

Book online Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick,Jayne Ann Krentz

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Crystal Gardens



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All in all, this book is amazing! It’s exactly what I would expect from this author. This is a mysterious, edge of your seat type of read that will definitely keep you turning pages. Not only that, it’s a good love story. Unlike most of the men in Amanda Quick’s stories, Lucas is actually very open to the idea of love. He falls for Evangeline well before she even acknowledges him, which almost never happens in her novels. The characters also have a great chemistry and dynamic that it is utterly

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Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz/Jayne Castle) is part of her ‘Ladies of Lantern Street’ series. Evangeline Ames is an atypical woman who has risen above her tragedies and found a way to put her paranormal talents to use as an employee of an unusual paid companion service. Recovering from a life-changing use of her unusual powers, she has sought refuge in the country at the site of a very unusual garden associated with eerie stories and ominous overtones. Fleeing from an assaila

Comment 3:

This novel was really interesting! The whole plot involving psychic abilities and energy isn’t something that we see all the time. I also just really enjoyed the fact that Crystal Gardens had plants that had been experimented on and kind of had a life of their own - even if they turned carnivorous and ate people. I love it I really do. I just love Crystal Gardens as the main setting of the novel; it has so much character and it’s kind of creepy and fun and I really love those kinds of places. I

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