Conversas Com O Céu

Book online Conversas Com O Céu by James Van Praagh

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Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death



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4 stars


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I loved this book and all of the stories and examples in it. The book read quickly and easily--I couldn't put it down once I started. The description of the author's contact with spirit has familiar threads to personal experiences. I am so happy to read the description and instruction for how to cultivate your own connection with spirit. The book is also a good example how someone helped the author see--at a young age--that his ability was a gift and should be cultivated and developed, not be as

Comment 2:

this started out kind detailed with his past and all that...but eventually became extremely interesting. Like an explanation of the reason John Edwards can do what he does and HOW he does it. Educational to the point where you can either practice how to contact those that have passed on for yourself...along with definitive and exact tools you can utilize to broaden your childrens' abilities into the psychic/medium realms of the 6th sense. I truly believe children have the unscathed/uninfected mi

Comment 3:

I enjoyed this book a great deal. James Van Praagh comes across as amiable and was a reluctant recipient of his gift. Whether you are a believer in his gift as a medium or noit it is a fabulous story. If you are researching the concept, it will provide with a meager feeling of accomplishemnt. Nevertheless, He is an awesome, humble man with a fabulous story. I also highly recommend the movie starring Ted Danson as James Van Praagh. One of only a few movies I believe did the book justice.

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