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Kathy Reichs does mystery and suspense unlike any other really and her third book in the Virals series, Code, is no exception. If you’re looking for a good old Nancy Drew style sleuthing story with an emphasis on friendship and family, then look no further. I’ve enjoyed all the books in this series including Code. It continues to be set in Charleston, which must lend it some Southern charm because these books go down like sweet tea for me. Reichs incorporates both science and history without bat

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This was my first try at using an audiobook. The narrators voice was very well paced, but at times I thought that they should have read a bit slower due to the situations that were being presented. Overall, I thought that this book was fast paced and very well concluded, though I wish certain areas went glossed over, such as Ben working for the Game Master( and how Tory handled that revelation), and Chance's involvement in the Karstair's(?) involvement in the group becoming Virals. All in all, I

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SPOILERS WITHIN! This book was good, really. I'm a fan of this series and I've liked every installment. This one was good as well........except for the ending. I mean, maybe it's just me, but I thought that Ben was better than needing to prove himself to Tory. It seemed a bit OOC for me. I wonder if the addition of author Brendan Reichs had anything to do with the change. I mean, the Ben versus Jason has been interesting, to be sure. But to think that Ben would go that far....I just don't buy it

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