Cannons of the Comstock

Book online Cannons of the Comstock by Bodie Thoene,Brock Thoene

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Cannons of the Comstock (Saga of the Sierras #5)



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4 stars


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California during the Civil War was neither as remote nor as uninvolved as may be thought. Because of rebel sympathizers stealing Union gold for the South, Tom Dawson's brother had already been killed in the mountains of Shadow Ridge, leaving behind a family and ranch in Tom's care. But was more at stake than anyone knew then? The mines of California and the Comstock Lode were a principal source of gold and silver in which the United States government and many Northern businesses had a tremendous stake. But at least one-third of the pioneer Californians were from the South. The goal of secret Confederate societies was to take California out of the Union and form a Republic of the Pacific. Dawson finds himself the middleman in a bold attempt to infiltrate and expose the conspiracy to raise and equip an army that would engulf California in the Civil War and break the Union blockade that was strangling the South. And his only link to tracing the conspirators is a nine-year-old black child, Mont James!

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