Broken Dishes

Book online Broken Dishes by Earlene Fowler

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Broken Dishes (Benni Harper Mysteries)



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4 stars


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I became interested in this cozy mystery series because the titles are all based on quilt blocks which are featured on the covers and their history is explained in opening comments. But quilting is really incidental in this series, which I've come to appreciate for its emphasis on relationships and faith. Benni is always displaying quilts at the museum or finding quilts which have some connection to the investigation, but other than chatting it up with the quilters in the artists' co-op at her museum, she's rarely involved with quilting herself. This book doesn't have her quilting, but there's more quilt stuff in this installment. She goes out to her friend's ranch for two weeks to help put on a quilting retreat in their effort to turn their ranch into a guest ranch with programs. She brings all her friends and relatives to help so they are there when she discovers some decades-old bones buried on the ranch during a trail ride she is leading for the guests. An investigation ensues into the old murder and there are some complications between her and Detective Hudson that drive her husband, Gabe, crazy. There are also comic moments with her crazy cousin, Rita, who is not a cooperative server at mealtimes, and a group of four rich cousins from Georgia who are guests at the ranch. This is another solid mystery tale with these interesting characters.

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