Apart at The Seams

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This is part of a series about a quilting shop and the friends in a quilting circle. The circle gets a new member and this book details her integration into the group. Gayla just found out her husband wanted a divorce via finding an I sent email by accident. She runs away to their house in Connecticut from NYC. She decides to take a so-called sabbatical to decide what she now wants to do with her life and try all the things she never had time to. When she explains the sabbatical to her new frien

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This is the second book of Marie's "A Cobbled Court Quilts Novel" series that I have read. I love how these stories revolve around a small New England town and it's quilt shop. The themes for this story included a midlife marriage on course for a divorce, an abusive husband returning, the adventurous celebration of an 85th birthday, and as always in Marie's books, the support and true friendship between women of different ages and backgrounds. The characters easily become your friends as you rea

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In New Bern, Connecticut there's a shop called the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop. Evelyn Dixon owns it. Ivy Peterman works there. So does Virginia, Evelyn's Mom. On Friday nights Evelyn, Ivy, Virginia and a few other women meet to supposedly sew quilts. Oh, they actually do some quilting but mostly, they help to solve one another's problems and cheer one another on. It is a quilting circle but really, it's more of a friend circle and they are about to make a new friend. Gayla Oliver is a college coun

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