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Angel Falls



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This is one of the soft-reads I have chosen as in-betweener, to escape a little from the heavy-handed, often depressing, other books I love to indulge in. It is a well-constructed, intriguing story that kept me going forward despite the obvious clues of the outcome. There even might have been quite an impressive number of other books with a similar theme. Mother or father lands in a coma, secrets are revealed, town and family gets involved, the ambiance around the saga is romantic, sentimental, Hallmark-ish. But sometimes I just need this kind of book to balance my reading-psyche out. And this one worked splendidly.Official blurb:When Mikaela Campbell, beloved wife and mother, falls into a coma, it is up to her husband, Liam, to hold the family together and care for their grieving, frightened children. Doctors tell him not to expect a recovery, but he believes that love can accomplish what medical science cannot. Daily he sits at her bedside, telling her stories of the precious life they have built together, hoping against hope that she will wake up. But then he discovers evidence of his wife’s secret past: a hidden first marriage to movie star Julian True.Desperate to bring Mikaela back at any cost, Liam knows he must turn to Julian for help. But will that choice cost Liam his wife, his family, and everything he holds dear? One of Kristin Hannah’s most moving novels, Angel Falls is a poignant and unforgettable portrait of marriage and commitment, of an ordinary man who dares to risk everything in the name of love.There you have it. Quite a heavy load of clichés are thrown in to establish the all-american entertainment family feeling - those television and movie families, the do-gooders, the divine carriers of the American feel-good genes.Living and working in a harsh environment, I often indulge in this kind of reads because deep down inside I want to believe that the good people in the world is still winning; and the good people set the standards of the good things in life, such as happy family Christmastimes, and happy family birthday celebrations, etc. In real life it does not always exist, as we all know. In fact, there are more movies (and statistics) depicting the opposite, and in my heart I want them to go away and let the good guys storm in and take over the running of the world. Intellectually this kind of story does not make it to the finishing line, because the world is way too cruel and uncompromising for it. But emotionally I allow this kind of story to win and I bet my bottom dollar on these characters to not only be part of the saga, but also part of real life as well. In fact, I want to, and do believe(or at least hope) they are based on real people! It's part of my head-in-the-sand-stand!So, as a soft-read with a few realistic and unrealistic elements combined, this is a good book to read in its genre. The moral of the story is interesting to explore. I am not giving away any clues whatsoever. I am happy with the ending. It fits this story, and that's where I get out of it. You can indulge and enjoy if you want to know more :-))This was my introduction to Kristin Hannah. I hope to come back to more of her books as time permits. But for now she has made me feel better about the world.

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