Amethyst Tears

Book online Amethyst Tears by J.L. Weil

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Amethyst Tears



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4 stars


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Lukas is alive.I’m talking in the flesh, and he is just as dreamy as ever.Problem is I haven’t told Gavin. There are no words to tell someone that your dreams…really aren’t just dreams. And I’m a sucky liar. When the two actually meet, it is a freaking disaster. Like fists flying, magic swirling, and tempers flaring.Ugh. Boys.But Lukas and I have something in common, other than sharing dreams. Our magic has similar signatures. Nobody knows what that means. And as much as I know that it kills Gavin, Lukas has been helping me control it.The more I use my magic, the more trouble seems to find me—loads of it. Turns out my magic might just be more dangerous than anyone bargained for.

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