A Thread of Truth

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There is so much truth in this book that it should almost be called nonfiction. The story of Ivy and the abuse that she experienced at the hands of her vindictive, violent husband, while trying to protect herself and her children, is spot on. It is exactly what happens, and fortunately in this story, Ivy has a group of friends to help her, even though at first she doesn't want their help. It becomes a wonderful story of friendship and the power of women to help each other and make all their live

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At twenty-seven, having fled an abusive marriage with little more than her kids and the clothes on her back, Ivy Peterman figures she has nowhere to go but up. Quaint, historic New Bern, Connecticut, seems as good a place as any to start fresh. With a part-time job at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop and budding friendships, Ivy feels hopeful for the first time in ages. But when a popular quilting TV show is taped at the quilt shop, Ivy's unwitting appearance in an on-air promo alerts her ex-husband

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This author has done it again for me, she has made her characters seem like friends of mine. I enjoy reading this author. Her writing has a warm, cozy feel to it. The stories center around a Quilt Shop in New Bern, Connecticut. The minior theme in this book is domestic violence. It was great how the friends welcomed a new person into their protective circle. I enjoy that this author allows the male characters to be gentlemen. Reading this book was like visiting an old friend. I look forward to r

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