A Tan and Sandy Silence

Book online A Tan and Sandy Silence by Carl Hiaasen,John D. MacDonald

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A Tan and Sandy Silence



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4 stars


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Introspective trip through Travis’s perception of women and how he relates to them against the backdrop of Florida greed, corruption, real estate scams, murder, impersonation, sociopathy – the full pallet of criminal parlor tricks – with side pieces including the Grenadines, an all-female naked schooner crew, Travis’s crisis of conscience over whether to become a kept man, brushes with death, and Travis’s devoted friendship with Meyer. All in all, a very satisfying entry in the McGee liturgy. (s

Comment 2:

I am the type of person who takes a book with me everywhere; going grocery shopping, going to work (lunch break!), and of course I have at least one when on vacation. So it was somewhat of a shock when I found myself staying at a friend’s beach condo without something to read. I’m an early riser and I like to spend a quiet morning with a nice cup of coffee and a good book. Thankfully, the best thing about beach condos is there is almost always a shelf of second hand books for guests to peruse. A

Comment 3:

Definitely not the best in John MacDonald's Travis McGee series. I was thrilled to see Meyer playing such a large role in the story - I'd missed him! - and was curious to read about Grenada, an island I have not been to yet - but the story as a whole dragged quite a bit, and I nearly fell asleep many nights right in the middle of a chapter, something I almost never do. And some of the language in the book was off-putting, but considering that the book was written nearly 40 years ago, I'm not sur

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